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Work Area Photos


The Tehri Garhwal Region lies in the Northern Part Of India At the height of 2000- 9000 ft. above sea level. The working area of the SERVE AND SHARE ASSOCIATION (SASA) which is in Akhori Block of Tehri District is at the height of 4000 to 7000 ft above sea level.


The whole of the Akhori Block area in the Tehri District has a beautiful scenic beauty, and its is surrounded by High Mountains which are generally covered with snow or with thick forests containing trees of Oak, Pine, Deodar etc. This area has a lot of medical herbs and roots and various kinds of flowers which are of a great use.

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The area has transportation facility of Buses & Small Jeeps etc but some areas being far and not connected by road have to be reached by foot only.

Here the average speed of the buses is 20-25 km per hour. Those areas where there is no road the distance is covered by walking or on a pony, donkeys etc.


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