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Sponsor A Child




According to world health Organization(WHO), India has maximum number of under nourished children in the world and according to UNICEF , India is one of the most illiterate nation in the world.

SASA runs Educational and Feeding program for children specially orphans, semi orphans and very poor children through sponsorship program. A sponsor willing to contribute is making a child´s life bright as children need good education, balanced diet and love.  To support a child it takes 25 $ per months. With this money, SASA is paying for educational fees, the school dresses, school bags, copies and pencil. If the child is malnourished, we will also provide it with a healthy nutrition. Thereby we give the child a perspective and the opportunity to have a better life, as education is the key for development.

Exchange of letters, photos, progress report etc gives sponsor a chance to share his/her love and concern for a child who needs it.

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