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How It was Started



In Oct 1991 the whole of Garhwal region in North India  was struck by a Major Earthquake. Houses were broken, people died and the whole area was disturbed . A team of  young and  enthuastic  boys  under the leadership of Mr. Shailender David  volunteered with a Relief organization  to help the suffering people in the mountains. It was this time that they  had the  opportunity to understand the real Garhwal. They stayed with the people ,helped them to find safer places, provided them with relief material  and above all knew the problems they were facing.

The relief work ended after 3 months but the pathetic situation of the people, children and women in particular in the mountains always  made Mr. Shailender David  restless. He decided to work for the Mountain community and founded the Serve and Share Association (SASA) with the vision to make a difference. With his pocket money he bought a piece of land to start an English Medium School for providing the families with high quality education. During that time, the infrastructure in the mountain region was even worse than nowadays. Many struggles were faced bringing the materials for the school building as there was not even a street in that part of the mountain area. Still moving on and with a lot of willpower and the vision in his mind, Mr. David founded the SASA Academy.

It was difficult for poor people to send their children to our school as they could not even provide the basic needs of school such as books, notebooks ,dress etc. It was then that we felt the need of Sponsorship for the children in the mountains and our prayer worked when our friends from Germany and Sweden  pledged to support few children.

Slowly  we got the support of other agencies in Germany ,UK and USA to help  nearly 500 children in last 15 years.

Since then SASA has been working in the Tehri Garwal area among all sections of people through it’s various programs. We spent a lot of time in working with the community and helping them to grow and develop. The main aims are to provide education , medical help, income generation methods and other development programs for such people of the society, who are generally poor, neglected and are suffering from various diseases and problems. Therefore SASA is imparting the values like love and equality as well as sharing and helping.


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