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A Brief Introduction

Serve And Share Association is a registered, charitable, non-profit organization, providing basic education and support through its various development programs to the indigenous and other rural communities of the mountainous Himalayan region in North India.

Serve And Share Association (SASA) believes in sustainable need – based development. It prefers to raise funds for specific needs rather than undertake activities because funding is available. Since such a policy prevents it from receiving funds from large individual donations, contributions, consultancy services and likeminded organization. SASA at present is running the following programs in the high Mountain region in North India.



Why focus on mountains and its people ?

Mountains make up almost one fifth of the landscape and are homes to at least one tenth of the world’s people. Two billion people depend on mountains for most of their food. In the surrounding lowlands, millennia of intensifying human use have led to advancing biological impoverishment and cultural homogenization. Mountain people in their vertical archipelagos of human and natural variety have become the guardians of irreplaceable global assets.

Their homelands serve as sloping storehouse of timber, minerals, and hydroelectric power for the surging populations below them. At least half of humanity now depends on mountains water sheds for fresh water.

Mountains are also becoming recreational refuges for the tourist elite from crowded cities. All over the world, expanding economic pressure are degrading mountains ecosystem.

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