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A sponsor’s view

I came to the SASA mountain project and worked there as a volunteer for nearly 6 months. Besides my duty to help children in school, Mr. David (Director-SASA) also gave me an assignment to visit the villages and make profiles of children who were interested in studies but were lacking financial or moral support. While I made 10 profiles of children during my stay, one profile really touched me and encouraged me to support the child myself. This was the profile of Sonia Panwar.

Sonia Panwar is a 9 year-old girl who lives in the village of Tehri. Her father died 6 years ago and as her mother has only two daughters and no son, she was forced to leave her in-law´s house and go back to her parent´s house. Since then they try to support them, but still the family is facing difficulties as it is generally the father who is working and taking care of the family´s expenses. In order to send her children to school, the 33 year-old mother is doing farming and labor work like building streets, but this work is not always available. The family is really struggling, but trying so hard and doing the best they can.

sasatrip19jan2016 121

Sonia Panwar with her sponsor

Through my help Sonia has started to study in better conditions in SASA Academy where she would be given all the necessary help to study to her full potential. It will also be taken care of her malnourishment. During my stay it was very encouraging to see that even though it takes almost one hour by walking to reach the school from her house, she is always present at school.

It gives me great joy to see someone in need develop through our efforts. There are still profiles awaiting help. Kindly see the pictures and contact SASA head office for the full profile details.

Ina Dewenter, sponsor

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